Namee Baijal

Instructor Biography:

MFA, MA, producer, whose credits include micro-budget feature Natural Disasters, A Necessary Death and the Segment “2000” of Political Disasters. Ms. Baijal currently serves as a manager of programming for Film Independent and produced the Student Emmy Winner for Best Drama The Trojan Cow. She was also a TV journalist, radio news anchor and music show host in India.

Instructor Statement:

I see early career writers constantly struggle with trying to find representation. They go into it with a lot of misconceptions perhaps the biggest one being that getting an agent or a manager is the be all and end all and that will catapult their career to the next level. The world of agencies and management companies feels opaque to most new and even mid-level writers. I want this workshop to help give them an understanding that makes this world less of the “other”. Successful writers are those who not just pick the right agent or manager but also know what they need to contribute to help their reps grow their career. They also need to be prepared for the challenges and demands that come with being a successful writer and learn to develop the right emotional and work habits. These are the three issues this workshop will address.

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