Ron McCants

Instructor Biography:

MFA, TV writer, playwright; WGA member who has written for Speechless. His plays have been produced in LA, New York and London. Ron’s been a writer for the Disney ABC Writing Program and recipient of multiple playwriting awards and the Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship for children’s television.

Instructor Statement:

The most effective dramatic writing incorporates problem solving and self-discovery. We ask ourselves tough questions that can unearth deep shames, force us to reimagine how we choose to live and make us laugh big. In comedy and drama, the art will sometimes require writers to examine our own human experience or face an abyss to even find our voice. Because no one can give writers their voice or teach them the lyrics to their songs, my primary job is to help writers along their journey to finding their voice and encourage them to keep pressing in a safe, supportive environment. The secondary part of my job is to teach writers storytelling craft – structure, dialogue, research, and character development – so they have the tools to best tell the stories they wish to share. My hope is that writers under my instruction become inspired to tell authentic, expertly structured stories and learn the craft well enough to teach it themselves.

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