Tempany Deckert

Instructor Biography: 

Author who has published 18 novels for middle grade and young adult readers including It’s Yr Life (Random House), The Shooting Stars (Scholastic), and the series Kids Inc/Radio Rebels and Kids Inc/Fashion Police for Macmillan. Ms. Deckert is also an actress and motivational speaker.

Instructor Statement:

For years I’ve called myself the Novel Nanny. Writing a book is strangely like rearing a child. The creative monkey in all of us can get out of control when strong boundaries are not in place. Setting up rules for your toddler-novel results in two lauded results – enjoyment during the process and completion. Yes! A structured environment where the mythmaking subconscious can safely play prevents our excited story teller from running into the road and getting squished. The imagination develops in the most wondrous ways within confines. Formulaic boredom is amazingly nowhere in site as words soar off the page, knowing the ‘nanny’ within you is there to redirect any wrong turns or creative tantrums.

Our Students Say it Best!

Tempany is so passionate and has such a unique way of teaching that is based on a foundation of compassion, sincerity, and genuine interest. I really appreciated her methods and her positive presence. — Writers’ Program Student

Listen to Tempany talk about her popular course, Write a Novel in Ten Weeks: https://www.writingpartner.consulting/writeaboutnow/


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