Titus Chalk

Instructor Bio:

MFA, author of Generation Decks, a history of the game Magic: The Gathering. Mr. Chalk has short stories published or forthcoming in Nimrod and the Peauxdunque Review and over 15 years of experience in both print and broadcast journalism in the UK and Germany.

Instructor Statement:

Each and every one of you has something fasci

ating to say, and it is my job to help you say it. We make meaning in creative-writing classes; marks on paper that can seem insignificant at first, but which we can polish into something authentic and elucidating, both to ourselves and our readers. Learning to say what we mean is empowering and a profoundly democratic exercise in a world where our voices might otherwise go unheard. With that in mind, all identities are welcome in my classes: I want our discussions to be as diverse and stimulating as possible.

Writing is a hard but rewarding process. I invite you to my class with permission to fail, as long as you fail big, dust yourselves off, and return to your work, to shape it, sculpt it and ultimately redeem it. I will give you the tools to do just that. Bring a courageous heart and curious mind, and we shall conquer the blank page together.

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