Victoria Zackheim

Instructor Biography:

MA, editor of six anthologies of personal essays including The Other Woman, For Keeps, The Face in the Mirror, He Said What?, Exit Laughing, and Faith, and author of The Bone Weaver, a novel. Ms. Zackheim’s documentary, Where Birds Never Sang: The Ravensbruck and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camps aired nationwide on PBS. She is a 2010 San Francisco Library Laureate.

Instructor Statement:

Someone once told me that writing is easy. You simply open a vein and bleed your story onto the page. I don’t agree that writing is painful or dangerous. Personal Essay—and this applies to fiction as well—is the process of digging into the imagination, the heart, and the soul to create a painting of words, images that, when nestled together, create the story we long to tell. In my classes, my job is to encourage my students to dip into that well of emotions and memories, opinions and beliefs, and whether poignant or sad, hilarious or ironic, find the most satisfying way to express the story. And when it’s written? That’s the beginning! We form and edit, mold and create, until our voices emerge and the message is delivered. When the work is done, we can determine where to send it for publication.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Boy, did I hit the jackpot! Victoria Zackheim is not only an amazing instructor; she is an inspirational human being. Taking this class has honestly been a life changing experience for me.” —Writers’ Program student

Instructor Website: Click here to leave our website and go to Victoria’s website.

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